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#1 Solution To Enhance your Customer Service

We help you provide an exceptional customer service experience to your clients.

About Unified Number System

This SaaS system was developed for different businesses to enhance their growth level, increase their revenues and reduce their operational costs

ARABICSS Unified Number System is a SaaS model solution "Cloud Call Center"

Increase Revenue

Helps you increase inbound calls revenue stream through maximizing benefits of each call your business get

Decrease Costs

Plays massive role in decreasing monthly & annual operational costs of your business call center

Higher Retention Rate

Increasing customer retention rates and life-time value of customers are enhanced greatly

Have Full Vision & Control over your Contact Center

With Unified Number System, you have access to a comprehensive cloud call center and various tools that enable you to communicate with your customers in a proficient and efficient manner, regardless of your location, and at the most affordable prices.

Joints all your numbers into 1 number to maximize your customer’s ease of experience.

Providing multiple tools to handle your customer waiting time such as recorded messages, music, voice mails, new offers...etc

Providing very powerful dashboards and reports to be aware of each part of your business call center.

IVR & Welcome Messages

Never lose a customer! Provide recorded answer calls to your customers and distribute them to call center employees automatically

Call Recording

Achieve full management and quality level optimization through call recording and downloading at anytime

Call Forwarding

Distribute inbound calls throughout the system automatically to your employees during working hours

Work From Home

Reduce your operational costs! you can monitor call center from anywhere. Employee only needs an internet connection.

Dialing from Computer

Your employees can directly dial outbound calls from their computers.


Automate your outbound calls through the auto-dialer that connect customer calls with live agent immediately

Get Detailed Notifications whenever a Call is Missed!

Monitor every missed/abandoned call and re-engage your customer and follow-up with your employees. The system provides very powerful dashboards and reports to be aware of each part of your business call center.

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