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Digital PBX (IP telephony system)

About Digital PBX

The means of communication, especially voice, have developed exponentially within the last few decades.

After having been dependent on certain restrictions between two parties, phones have become unfettered and indispensable, be it for individuals or companies.

It is undeniable that this way of communication has become a requirement to enhance communication internally, between employees, or externally, when it comes to responding to customers.

This infrastructural development has played a crucial role in achieving global success in branches of the same company all around the world relying on the ease of communication among their employees without restriction or limitation.

Arabicss has made it possible to build a reliable system using international technologies so our customers can achieve their goals.

Reasonable Costs

Provided with most reasonable costs within the market

Efficient Internal communication.

Enhancing internal communications throughout the service

Connecting Banches Easily

Easiest methodology to connect your branches with ease

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